Staff Saber Scoop

Sept. 25th, 2015

Reminders for the Upcoming Week:

1. We will be coming to your rooms in the next few weeks to do informal walkthrough observations. We will schedule formal observations after our next Staff Meeting on Oct. 13.

2. Remember - your panic buttons are ONLY to be used in the case of an active shooter. Use the call button in your room to call the office for any other situation.

3. We will not have grade level meetings next week because we have so many RTI meetings scheduled for next week.

4. The curriculum is on our server. Go to Computer on your Start Menu and find Departmental(Drive Z) and then go to CommonCoreCurriculum and you will find it. Thank you, Lisa!

5. Please remind your students on Monday before dismissal that they have to bring Garfield keychains to school on Tuesday for the "Feeding" day. Characters will be drawn on announcements on Tuesday morning.

6. Please call Annie if you need a sub on Friday or Monday. Tracey will be in Philadelphia.

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Happy 50th Birthday(Sept. 29th), Fr. Steve!

Lunch Duty


Mary A.

Michelle M.

Kristen H.

Kim H.

Eucharistic Ministers

Team K

Morning Duty

101 Aide

Michele Sollenberger

Door Duty


Diane M.

Study Hall Coverage

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Positive Quote for the Upcoming Week:

"Changing your outlook changes the outcome. View all things positively."
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Prayer for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia

Have fun at the zoo on Sept. 30, 2nd grade!

Prayers Needed:

Kaki's family(her grandfather passed away last week), Tami's dad, Adrienne's daughter, Darcy's cousin