Kerry Packer


Birth and Death

Place born: Sydney

Date of birth: 17/12/1937

Date of death: 26/12/2005

Quotes from Kerry Packer

I don't get guarantee to government, I get them.

I take risk for recreation.... I don't take risk for company.

This is not about money,it's about ego.

What was this person best known?

Kerry Packer was famous for owning lots of businesses and also famous at cricket because he brought the idea of making cricket famous.To this day he establish cricket to vs the world, and make it the World Series cricket.
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Did you know?

That Kerry packer is the world richest businessman.

He also owns nine television network.

Rupert Murdoch and Kerry packer went to the same school.

Kerry's Childhood

Kerry packer went to Geelong Grammar school.The place that Kerry Packer lived was Sydney.In the childhood Kerry went to the same school as Rupert Murdoch and he is also a businessman.When Kerry packer was young his father thought he was dumb and he would be the"dumbest in the family."

Kerry's Adulthood

As Kerry Packer had grown up he came until intelligent and made a lot of money to own his own company,like nine television network but that is not the only company he had,there much more company he owns.


Kerry Packer's primary schools were-Geelong Grammar school and Cranbrook school,

His university was-Camperdown NSW.


Kerry Packer's has a two children which is James and Gretel.

Kerry Packer has four grandchildren.

Kerry Packer's dad name Frank Packer,brother's name is Clyde Packer.


Kerry Packers had achievement is to make money for him to own his own company,to this day Kerry Packer has own lots of company like nine Television network.