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"Top 100 Digital Initiatives" -Netexploreteur


"Top 100 Digital Initiatives" -Netexploreteur

About PicLyf

"Top 100 Digital Initiatives" -Netexploreteur

"Top 50 App 2010 & 2011" -e27

★ ★ PicLyf ★ ★

Have you ever wished you can preserve and share all the details of a moment? or catalog and share all the cool stuff you have? Now you can!

Using photos and the NEW ability to add notes, tag friends/things and places, you can put context to the picture you are sharing. All the while weaving your visual story to remember life better.
What is PicLyf?


  • Photos can be any size
  • Add notes on top of your pic to share more details, trivia and creative remarks.
  • Tag friends so your followers can discover cool people
  • Tag things and share where you bought them or who gave them to you
  • 3 main categories - LIFE for photos of moments, THINGS for pictures of your stuff, INTERESTS to share pics of stuff you are into
  • Share instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger, Picasa and even Plurk!
  • Every photo can be zoomed in by viewers, faved and commented
  • LIKE, WOW, LOL, GRR, SAD, and OMG at pics using your own face as the emoticon!
  • Earn badges when you achieve feats of awesomeness in real life
  • Topics to further organize your pics


“Top 100 Digital Initiatives”
- Netexploreteur

“Top 50 App 2010 & 2011”
- e27