Coordinate Geometry

By Dontel Banice

What is a Coordinate Geometry

Is study of geometry using coordinate system this contrast with synthetic geometry.

When developing a coordinate geometry proof

  • draw and label the graph
  • state the formulas you will be using
  • show ALL work (if you are using your graphing
calculator, be sure to show your screen displays as
part of your work.)

  • have a concluding sentence stating
what you have proven and why it is true.
The Coordinate Plane

An example

Read the question carefully. The wordtrapezoid, by definition, tells you that you are looking for a figure with ONLY ONE set of parallel sides. Lines are parallel when they have the sameslope. You will use the Slope Formula.

Draw a neat, labeled graph for the problem.

State the formula that you will be using.

Show ALL work!! We are looking for ONE set of parallel sides AND one set on non-parallel sides.

Be sure to state the connection between the slopes and the sides being parallel or non-parallel.

End with a concluding sentence stating WHY you know the figure is a trapezoid.