The Mummy Chronicles

R.l stine ,scholastic inc.,september 1994,118 pages

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Character description

Gabe: is the main character and he is 13 years old,he also doesn't like to get made fun of and he always likes to visit his grandpa during the summer,but the only thing he doesn't like is that his cousin is always teasing him.

Uncle Ben: is an archeologist who just discovered a pyramid and he is Gabe’s uncle,he always likes to tell jokes and he also spends most of his life digging and searching for new pyramids and tombs.

Sari: is gabe’s cousin and she likes to make fun of gabe a lot she is also 13 years old,and every single summer she visits her dad and goes into the tombs and pyramids with her dad and cousin.

Plot summary

The book is about a kid who is on his way to visit his Uncle Ben. Because his Uncle Ben just discovered a new sacred tom. When he gets to egypt he can't find his uncle in the airport because of all the people bumping into each other then when he finds his Uncle Ben his cousin sari is there with him too. When they are on their way to the pyramid his cousin makes fun of him until they get there . After that at night he can't really sleep. Then the next day he gets up to have breakfast with Uncle Ben and Sari and at breakfast Uncle Ben tells gabe and sari all about the pyramid, which they go into after breakfast with a News Reporter then after 2 days and they find a room filled with furniture, jewelry and Prince Khu Rhu’s mummy after their brilliant discovery they go to celebrate at night. When all of a sudden the news reporter was down in the pyramid and she was saying the 6 words that awakened the mummy. But when uncle ben and his partner got there it was too late the mummy had already awakened ,and Nila shoved Uncle ben in the mummy’s coffin and he was unconscious. Later that night Gabe and sari were looking for uncle ben when all of a sudden his partner came out of the pyramid with a frightened look on his face and then they decided to go in the pyramid, when they went there there were no signs of uncle ben and they decided to check the coffin. And there he was ! Uncle ben was Crunched up in the mummy’s coffin and while they were getting him out the mummy was coming towards them when all of a sudden nila started to say demolish them both ! when the mummy heard that he turned around and started to choke her. Then Gabe threw himself at the mummy and the mummy pulled Nilas amber and it breaks and all of a sudden she starts to shrink and becomes a scarab when finally the cops arrive and rescue them from the mummy.


The main conflict in the story is that the supposedly news reporter summons the mummy and then knocks Uncle Ben unconscious and then locks him in the mummy’s coffin then later on Gabe and Sari go looking for uncle ben and Nila tells the mummy to destroy them both but the mummy turns around and starts choking Nila,when the mummy starts choking nila Gabe jumps on the mummy’s back and accidently rips off Nilas scarab and when it hits the floor it breaks and Nila starts to shrink and turns into a scarab and finally when the mummy’s about to attack them the cops arrive and help them escape the mummy.

Title Explanation

The title return of the mummy is important because it has to do with what the book is about.And it relates to the book because in the book the "News reporter" summons Prince Khu rhu or the mummy and tries to attack Gabe,sari and uncle ben but instead the mummy attacks the "News Reporter". I also think that another title for the book would be The Mummy Gets Summoned because it would practically describe what the story is about and it would also help you make a better prediction of what the book is about.

Book review

In my opinion the book was really good because the author briefly described what was happening in the book and you could easily visualize what was happening in the book. another thing i liked about the book is that the author explains all the characters feelings and expressions ,he also describes all the characters from his point of view which is something i really like because not all authors write down the characters feeling or ideas.Although i think the Author could've made the book a couple of pages longer because right when you get to the action part in the book it ends,but otherwise the book is awesome and i think you should read it too.