Convicted for being mi'kmaq

Alex Pait


Donald Marshall JR was locked up for 11 years for killing sandy seale which he didn't do. He was a Mi'kmaq Indian and was also in a gang which didn't help in proving his innocence. After a bunch of lies and betrayals his whole world changes.

List of characters

  • Donald Marshall JR- Mi'kmaq Indian charged for killing sandy seale.
  • Sandy Seale- Boy stabbed in wentworth park.
  • Jimmy Mcneil- Younger man with the murderer.
  • Roy Ebsary- Older man who stabbed sandy seale.
  • Officer McIntyre
  • Mr.Marshall
  • Maynard Chant
  • john Practico

Character Analysis for Donald Marshall JR

Trait 1: Angry

Evidence: He was called chief and yelled at the two men to give them money for the cigarettes.

Trait 2: Sensitive

Evidence: He is so worried about sandy in the hospital even though he didn't know him that well and will do anything to save him.

Quote about Donald Marshall JR

''Usually Cheeks and mouthy, Marshall appeared more subdued than he ever seen him. Not that this was proof but when people start lying, they don't know how to act. So they change.''

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Just because of their color of their skin doesn't mean they did something bad.

Important Event

In wentworth park when sandy seale got stabbed and Donald got cut in the arm.


I would reccomed this book to people who like crime investigation and mysterys.
Donald Marshall Jr. Case