the great wall of china

By: Lucy Thomas [] hour 8

what even is it?

The Great Wall of China is a series of connecting walls made around 2,000 years ago. It took from 221 B.C to 907 A.D!

Why was it built?

The Great Wall of China was built to keep Nomadic tribes out of China. Ancient China had 6 warring tribes around it's border, and raids of villages were happening quite frequently. Eventually, after many people had lost everything, and some people had even been captured and killed, Emperor Qin started its construction

How was it built?

The Great Wall was originally built using one single method. This method involved workers setting up a frame and filling it 5 inches with mud and around 7 inches with dry dirt. This method was used until the Sui Dynasty, around 220 A.D when they started reinforcing the walls with stone bricks.

Who bulit it?

Emperor Qin started construction on the Great Wall, and after his death, The Han Dynasty began to continue it from 206 B.C until 220 A.D. Then the Sui dynasty built it from 220 A.D until 618 B.C. Finally the Tang dynasty finished the project in 907 A.D.

What purpose does it serve today?

Today the Great Wall of China is a tourist attraction. There are so many branches or sections that I decided to list the most popular.

1. Badaling - 45 miles long

2. Mutiahyu - 45 miles long

3. Jinshanling - 96 miles long

4. Jiankaou - 62 miles long

5. Simata - 75 miles long

6. Huanghuacheng - 47 miles long

7. Gubeikou - 149 miles long

8. Juyongguan - 37 miles long

9 . huangyaguan - 27 miles long