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Everything starts with a list....

If you didn't fill out your Who Do You Know List (WDYKL), DO IT! I hadn't updated mine in quite awhile and it suprised me by how many people I had forgotten about!

Look through your facebook contacts, Christmas card list and address book. Put down your "chicken" people! lol, we all have them!

Congrats to Shauna Aronson and Cristina Bevilacqua for winning the Piper necklace! Let me know if you want it in gold or silver!

Spring is COMING!!!!!

Have you had a slower few months than you wanted? Or did you just get busy with life and forget about Stella? It's ok! This business is all about your pace, your time but if you WANT to kick start your business back up.... NOW IS THE TIME!!!

Fun Themes for Spring:

*Luck of the Irish with green drinks and snacks for St Patricks Day!

*Mom and Daughter Baubles around their Easter outfits!

*With the NCAA tournament coming, "We love hoops" cute invite with all of our hoop earrings!!

*Spring into Style instead of Swing by for Style!

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Have you participated in a booking blitz before? If you haven't, it sounds way scarier than it is! Stats say that for every 10 people you contact, 1 person will say YES! So, you can't contact 5 people, get frustrated and stop! Commit to contacting at least 30 people!!!!

You can contact them anyway you'd like but the MOST effective is by picking up the phone! I know, NOT my favorite part of this business BUT I LOVE the resuls. 2 weeks ago, I had zero shows for February and beyond. I did my own booking blitz and now have 12 shows through April booked. These people were not banging down my door to host a show, I had to contact them! Texting people pictures of the things they might like or starting the convo has been a great way for me!

Our Emerald City booking blitz starts today and goes through Friday. Take 2 hours, contact your WDYK list and book away!

For every NEW show booked in the system through March, you'll be entered to win, one of the following:

  • *$25 in business supplies
  • *Maya Pendant Necklace
  • * Snakeskin Tech Wallet

Please post your results on the fb page!

Emerald City Facebook Page! Stay connected!

Have you joined our Emerald City facebook page? If not, please "friend" me and than here is our link.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/114722331937847/permalink/439418699468207/#!/groups/271940376257868/

I'm here to help! xoxo, angie