Steroid in Sports (Adult Hood)

Pete Wynn

Steroid use/Peers

  • Some people feel that the sport of professional bodybuilding is to blame for steroid pressures. After all, bodybuilding is a contradictory practice in name, method and ideals.
  • Most who use steroids for non-medical reasons want to maximize the anabolic (growth properties in order to improve their muscularity, strength, appearance, and/or to train.
  • Steroid users are mostly highly motivated people who train intensely to improve themselves or to achieve a positive goal and who believe they are heath conscious.

Steroid use/Media

  • According to NIDA, more adults are actively using steroid drugs while fewer are worrying about the dangers.
  • Media also broadcast about athletes who use to be the best and, afterwards they show how they were affected by steroids.

Facts about steroid use

  • Publications have consistently found 2% to 3% of students using steroids in the 9 to young teen age group and as many as 9% among middle school participating in gymnasts or weightlifting