Bloomington High School Newsletter

April 2019

Timothy Moore, Principal

Dr. Barry Reilly, Superintendent

District 87 School Board:

James Almeda-President

Brigette Beasley

Elizabeth Fox Anvick

Tammy Houtzel

Charles Irwin

Mark Wylie

Mary Yount

Message from Principal Moore

The 70-degree weather on April 8th was a nice reminder that spring is here and the end of the school year is right around the corner. This time of the year brings about both excitement and stress for everyone - students, staff, and parents all see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've been in education for over 25 years and the most challenging part of the school year is always the eight-week stretch after Spring Break. Part of the challenge is how much work is still to be done in order to close out the 2018-19 school year. Whether it's testing (SAT, MAP, AP), end of the year programs in fine arts and other areas, Prom, senior week or final exams - BHS is a busy place. It's around this time each year I remind our staff how important it is to practice PATIENCE.

The end of the school year is very exciting, but it's also very stressful, particularly for our students. For some of our seniors, they are anxious thinking about what's next for them when they leave BHS as graduates. For some students, their grades are suffering and they begin to stress about how to best raise their grades with very little time left. For some of our students, they are not sure where basic life necessities will come from during the summer months. For some of our students, BHS is the place where they feel safe and know they will be fed at least twice a day. Sad, but true!

This information requires all of us to continue to be patient with our students and continue to love, support, and encourage them. One thing I absolutely love about BHS is the culture we strive to create for our students - one where they feel safe, respected, valued and supported. We aren't totally there yet and sometimes our positive culture is challenged, but WE WILL continue to strive to be PATIENT with all our students and help them be their very best!

Go Purple Raiders!

Mr. Moore

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BHS 2019 Prom guests

BHS 2019 Prom forms are available in the main office or online at the BHS website. Anyone bringing a guest either from BHS or another school MUST FILL OUT A FORM. All forms are due to Ms. Juanita by April 26 at 3pm. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Any questions please feel free to contact Ms. Juanita at BHS.

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Senior week

During Senior Week, the senior class will offer 2 off-campus trips on May 15th and 17th.

· On Wednesday, May 15th, senior students can choose to visit Sky Zone or Marcus Bloomington Cinema.

· On Friday, May 17th, senior students can attend the senior picnic at Comlara Park.

· On both days, students will leave BHS at approximately 9:00 a.m. and return around 2:00 p.m.

· ALL school rules apply during these trips. No alcohol, drugs or tobacco products are allowed. Any student who is displaying inappropriate behavior will be taken back to BHS and will risk not being able to participate in other senior week activities and/or our graduation ceremony.

· Both days are considered a school attendance day. If your student chooses not to go on either trip, he/she is expected to be in his/her classes.

· Students must have his/her permission slip signed by Assistant Principal Lyn Taylor in order to participate in any of the Senior Week activities.

· Students may lose the privilege of participating in Senior Week activities for academic, attendance, and/or disciplinary reasons.

· Please return the permission slip back to Mrs. Pearl in the main office NO LATER THAN MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2019.

Any questions please contact Stacy Benjamin at or call 828-5201.

Graduation 2019

Graduation 2019 is quickly approaching! This letter outlines the requirements for participating in the graduation ceremony.

Cap and Gowns/Announcements:

  • Students may pick up their cap and gown on May 2nd and May 3rd in the student center during lunch.
  • If students have not ordered their cap, gown or announcements, call the Jostens representative Troy Hall at (309) 378-4513 immediately. If you need financial assistance obtaining a cap, gown, tassel, or stole, contact Mrs. Pearl in the main office or by email at
  • Both the cap and gown will be required at graduation.
  • Students are not permitted to decorate their caps or wear any insignia other than the National Honor Society cords, National Vocational Honor Society cords, honor grad pins, valedictorian/salutatorian and class officer stoles.

Graduation Rehearsal:

  • This rehearsal will be held on Friday, May 24th at 1:30 pm Attendance is mandatory report to the Grossinger Motors Arena (Previously U.S. Cellular Coliseum). Enter by the south doors and sit by last name in the chairs. Caps and gowns are not required for rehearsal.


  • Sunday, May 26th at 3:00 p.m. at the Grossinger Motors Arena located at 101 S. Madison Street, Bloomington, Illinois.
  • Graduates must report to the arena by 2:00 p.m.
  • Entrances for families-Families will enter on Madison or Front streets. There will be metal detectors and bag/purse searches so be prepared for possible wait time. Families that need handicap accessibility will enter through the VIP entrance in the circle drive near the Pepsi Ice Center entrance. Handicap seating will be on the floor of the arena.
  • Dress policy: No jeans or sandals are permitted for either men or women. Students should wear dress clothes and nice shoes. If you need help obtaining dress clothing contact Mrs. Pearl in the main office or by email at

· Please note the above dress policy for graduation. If students do not follow the above dress policy, they will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony.

· Students will not be allowed to have cell phones on the arena floor during the graduation ceremony.



  • A professional photographer, HR Imaging, will take professional pictures of your student at the graduation ceremony. Proofs and an order form will be mailed to your home soon after graduation. Several packet combinations are available. There is no obligation to purchase any pictures.

Library Fines and Lost Textbooks:

  • Students owing money for fines or lost books MAY NOT ATTEND ANY SENIOR ACTIVITIES until debts are paid.

Graduation is an important time for seniors, their families and friends. Graduates, please help us make your senior year memorable by participating in these activities with your classmates.

Parents/Guardians, we hope you will join your sons and daughters at the senior video presentation and graduation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Benjamin or Mrs. Scott at (309)828-5201 between 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.



Class of 2023 Health Information


Home of the Purple Raiders


Don’t miss the first day of high school!


Illinois Child Health Exam Form Required

And can be used for Sports!

dated on/after 8/20/18

College Visits

College Visitations: Normally these visits should be confined to times when school is not in session, such as teacher institutes, spring vacations, etc. All college visits that require a student to miss a day of school, must be pre-approved by BHS Administration prior to the visit. If the college is located out of state, approval will be given for travel (one day preceding and one day following the visitation). For each visitation day thus granted, the student must present to the Attendance office written verification of the visit from the school visited. If a local college visitation is taken during a school day and is over before the end of the high school day, the students shall be expected to return to school. Failure to present written verification of the college visit or not returning to school when it applies will result in the absence being judged unapproved. (BHS Student-Parent Handbook 2018-19, p. 36).

E-Cigarettes and Vaping

One of our daily challenges here at BHS are students using e-cigarettes, or, as they are more commonly known, vapes. This is a growing problem not only at BHS, but across the country. Teenagers believe that e-cigarettes are completely safe, but there are significant risks to be aware of. You should know that:

1. E-cigarettes contain nicotine - which is a HIGHLY addictive chemical that is particularly risky to teens and young adults. Because the teen brain is still developing, they are more susceptible to becoming addicted. Vaping can also lead to an increased risk of developing addiction to other drugs and various mental and physical health problems later in life.

2. Tobacco companies are marketing these products to teenagers. There are no laws to prevent tobacco companies from marketing e-cigarettes to young people. In 2016, the federal government imposed a legal age of 18 to buy e-cigarettes and products.

3. Use of e-cigarettes may be a sign your teen is smoking regular cigarettes or even marijuana. These e-cigarettes can also be used to smoke marijuana or hash oil instead of nicotine liquids. Both the vaporized marijuana smoke and vape smoke are hard to detect.

We encourage you to talk to your student about e-cigarettes and the dangers that come vaping. Peer pressure definitely plays a significant role in students vaping, so take note of who your student is hanging around and what they are doing.

If you have questions or need support, don't hesitate to contact an administrator or your student's advisor at BHS.

BHS Tech Coach

It does not seem possible that we are into April. This year has flown by, and, as usual many things are going on. I have been working with teachers to continue to incorporate technology into their lessons. Students are creating some neat things. We have groups working on info-graphics and designing logos. Some students created brochures that can be used with our English Language Learners to get them information about services available to them in the community. It is still a slow process to fully integrate technology. We want to encourage our teachers to make sure they are using technology in ways that benefit our students. We do see teachers using the technology they are comfortable with sharing and then allowing the students to explore and dive deeper into programs. In relation to technology in education, we utilize a structure called the SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition - see graphic below). We are going to really be focusing on using this model to guide how we use and infuse technology in learning in the next school year. I am proud of our teachers who are going out on a limb and saying, "I don’t know exactly how this program works, but I know what it does and it meets the need of what we are trying to accomplish". They are letting students explore the technology and how it can best serve them. It is incredibly important in this day and age; we are teaching students the skills of discovery and giving them the freedom to figure things out. I have found that when we put students in the box of what we as teachers expect - that is what we get - a box, nothing more, nothing less. When we give students the freedom to create their own way, we get amazing, creative, and innovative results.

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April Newsletter 2019 – Guidance Department

Our Entire Guidance Department is dedicated to helping our students be successful at BHS. Please feel free to contact our department if we may be of assistance with academic and future planning, social/emotional needs of students, and college/ career planning.

Year-Round Annual Review IEP Conferences

Annual review conferences for students receiving IEP services will continue throughout the school year. Your student's case manager will contact you with regard to scheduling the meeting at a time that works for all involved. You will also be notified, in writing, as to the date and time of the meeting as a follow up from the initial contact. Please contact your student’s case manager with questions regarding the annual review process, including requests for changes. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Whalen, School Psychologist and Annual Review Coordinator, NCSP, at 828-5201, extension 5114. We look forward to meeting with each parent and student during the 2018-19 school year.


Our partnership with Heartland Community College continues for another year. We welcome Angela Whitehead as the new representative for Bloomington High School. Angela will be here to assist students in the application process, answering any questions regarding the college, as well as making students familiar with the scholarship opportunities. She will meet with students in the library twice a month. Below are the dates that she will be available this semester. Angela will be at BHS from 8:00-1:45 on this date: April 11th and April 25th

Bloomington Area Career Center

Students who applied to the BACC for the 2019-2020 school year have received notification via email indicating whether they have been accepted. Students should contact their advisors if they have questions.

College and Career Center in LMC:

The Guidance Department and the LMC Department have teamed up to bring college, career, and post-secondary information to our BHS students in one central location in the LMC.

Please visit the LMC and check out the College and Career Center! The center holds information about ACT prep, SAT prep, FAFSA and financial aid, in-state and out-of-state colleges/universities, trade programs, military, and more post-secondary options

The information will be refreshed and updated weekly. Stop by and see how the BHS College and Career Center can help you get to where you are going next!

BHS French Class

On April 30, BHS French classes will visit Washington Elementary school for our annual "French Story Time" field trip. This special day out of the classroom connects our district community by pairing high school students with grade school classes for engaging mini-lessons in French all while building literacy skills our elementary students learn throughout the year in their Language Arts studies. Some of the storybooks are even written and illustrated by our very own BHS French students! We look forward to spending time soon with the Washington Wolves!

BHS Cafe

BHS Café would like to remind parents that ALL students whether FREE, REDUCED, or PAID status receive a meal for breakfast and lunch! Please encourage your student to take advantage of our meal participation program. Breakfast is from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. daily. Thank you!

New Vending Machine

The cafeteria has a new vending machine! Over spring break we got our new vending machine stocked and running. You can find it in the student center near the excellence collage. We have filled it with smart snack approved items like chips, drinks, and small snacks. If there is some item in particular that you would like to see in our vending machine please bring your suggestion to the kitchen office!

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Attendance Line

The BHS direct attendance line is (309) 828-1231. If you need to report your student absent from school, get them out of school early for an appointment, or if they are coming late, please contact the above number.