Texas For Annexation

By: David Rosero

Texas Annexation

When Sam Houston got into office as the first president of the Republic of Texas, he said that Texas needed to annex to the United States of America. The reason Houston wanted to annex to the United States was because Texas had a debt of over 3 Million Dollars, and if they annexed to the U.S, the U.S could pay off Texas' debt. Also the United States had a big army so they could provide protection

United States Denies

The first time Texas asks to annex to the United States, the U.S answers back with a no! For Texas to become a state in the U.S they needed a 2/3rds majority, which meant atleast 2/3rds of the votes must be a yes. On June 8th, 1844 the treaty was defeated 16 to 35 which was well under the 2/3rds majority.

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Annexation by Joint Resolution

James K. Polk was elected president for the U.S on November 1844, James was a democrat and a strong supported of territorial expansion. The Joint resolution declared that Texas would be admitted as a stat as long as it approved annexatiob by January 1st, 1846. Four days before James K. Polk was elected the Congress passed Joint Resolution. On July 4th, 1845, the Texan congress signed the American Annexation offer with only one dispute vote, and began writing the state constitution. When the constitution was done the Texans approved it and the annexation ordinance on October 13th, 1845, and Polk signed the documents formally intergrating Texas the United States of America on December 29th, 1845.