Tom Jamgochian

The one who is known to win!!

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A couple of things about Tom

Tom is 38 years old, and born and raised in San Francisco. He has a wife name Amy they got married in 2011. Right now he has over 17 sled dogs, and he calls the family couch dog kennel because his dogs love to sit on his couch with him and his family. He lives in Nome, Alaska right now with his wife. He is in the Iditarod this year also!.

more about him

Tom loves the eight month long winters, and right now there house has 17 sled dogs, two house dogs, and two humans

does he have children?

yes he does his wife had the baby the last two-months of the Iditarod training. It is their first kid and its a girl her name is magda


He lives in Nome, Alaska