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December 4, 2015


Our Awesome Educator of the Week is:

Maureen Salmon

The future is ours because of what you do

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The Future Is Ours...

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The Holidays Are Upon Us

Formative Assessments:

Here's a strategy you can try....


3 things you found out

2 interesting things

1 question you still have

3 differences between ___

2 effects of __ on ____

1 question you still have about the topic

3 important facts

2 interesting ideas

1 insight about yourself as a learner

3 key words

2 new ideas

1 thought to think about

Write 3 questions about the text (unfamiliar words, confusing passages or ideas)

Write 2 predictions based on the text (what will happen next based on the reading)

Make one connection based on the text (connect to something you know or have


Last Week I Shared:

Idea Spinner

The teacher creates a spinner marked into 4 quadrants and labeled “Predict, Explain,

Summarize, Evaluate.” After new material is presented, the teacher spins the spinner and asks spinner lands in the “Summarize” quadrant, the teacher might say, “List the key concepts just presented.”

Trainings & Curriculum Updates

In an effort to keep you fully informed I'm including a link to the Curriculum Courier (admin newsletter). This link will give you access to current and past issues of the newsletter. The Courier will provide you with pertinent information for your grade and content area. Although some weeks are more informative than others you should try to review it regularly.

District meetings:

Annelise to AP Meeting on 12/9

Content Specialists to Meetings (Missy, Becca, Kelly, Teri) on 12/10

Gema (am) and Annelise (pm) to Stepping Up Training (not a dance class)

Jan to Counselor's Meeting on 12/17

Coaches Meeting on 1/4 (yes, January - yikes)

Gema to Principal's Meeting on 1/12

Annelise and Content Specialists to their meeting on 1/14

Kelly Fischer to Global Connections Meeting on 1/21

Gema to TASA and Principal's Meeting 1/25-29

Jan to Counselor's Meeting on 1/28

KN2K (Knows & Need to Knows)


Some things you should know for now (all subject to change based on future training)

  1. APs, District Coaches, and Campuses Coaches will all be trained as trainers. That will give us about 6 UbD "experts" Here to aid in the transition. They are: Me, Annelise, Maureen, Lisa, Megan, Ana
  2. I have the opportunity to invite 1 or 2 educators to participate in Trainer of Trainers training. Gayla & Skye will be our campus reps.
  3. Please keep your eyes open for our training plan :).
  4. Expectations for campus UbD process will be established and shared for the remainder of this school year and for next year.

What can you do in the meantime?

  1. Keep thinking about backwards design, PBL, and lesson design.
  2. Review The Learning Framework and our district philosophy in these areas.
  3. Reflect on your day to day and content to content practice.
  4. Think about the questions you might have.
  5. Smile and keep doing the great things you are doing!



4) Barnes and Noble PTO Party

5) Coppell's Holiday Parade ( I think I may have agreed to be in it)

7) Staff Meeting Monday followed by Staff Party that Night at Cacey's


9) New (this year) to Lakeside Mini Meeting at 3 in B106

10) 2nd Grade Program

11) CISD Open House - Choir will perform at the district

14) 5th Grade Spelling Bee

14-15) Hour of Code (over the course of 2 days)

  • You can see the proposed schedule here

16) School Wide Kindness Celebration

  • (additional details forthcoming - schedule and buddies shared)

17) Class Parties (2nd, Kdg, 1st, 4th, 3rd)

18) Class Parties (5th), Modified Schedule and EARLY RELEASE FOR KIDS @ 12:50

January 2016

4) It's time to come back

11) Staff meeting with PTO Sustenance

15) Spirit Rally to focus on CARING & End of the 2nd 9 weeks (We are half way through)

19) Grade Due

21) 4th Grade Program and Parent Learning Walks at 9 and 1

22) Report Cards go home


Happy Birthday


20) Sonya Green (Not May even though I still find myself typing that)

24) Dani Todd

25) Barbara Arnt

25) Katherine Broadhurst (even though she too will forever be Horton)

25) Dawn Rehling

  • Does anyone think it's odd that we have 3 bdays on Christmas Day?

28) Teri Keith

28) Dan Thompson

  • Twins/Not Twins

Walking Wednesday...

Walking Wednesday (with warm-ups and a college/Lakeside tee) SignUp

2016 Dates will be available NEXT WEEK. Thanks!

Denim Days...

Wednesdays will be College Days for staff and students

Fridays with a Lakeside or CISD Tee