The Ocean's layers

the wonder in the water

Euphotic zone

This zone in the ocean is the brightest zone in the ocean and has some of the ocean's fish.

and it dives into the ocean 200 meters [660 ft] deep! the animals that live there here are some of the examples. urchins, sea otters and other animals. Also there is giant kelp forests and that is what feeds the animals.

The Disfotic zone

This zone of the ocean is the second brightest zone in the ocean and is home to some of the ocean's fish.this zone of the ocean goes 1,000 meters deep!and there is some darker water than the Euphotic zone and is home to some sharks and fish.

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aphotic and abyssal zones

these two zones are the darkest of all the aphotic zone is the second darkest and the abyssal zone is the darkest off all. some of the oceans fish live in these two zones one great example is the angler fish it is small but scary! so I would not want to go in to these two zones of the ocean.

fish of the ocean

Strangely Beautiful Deep Sea Creatures