Luis Salazar

5 Facts on Watergate

  • Spies at first tried to tape record inside the hotel but they did not work properly
  • On June 17th, 1972 they tried to break in but hotel security caught them
  • they tried to wiretap phones and steal secret documents
  • Nixon tried to cover up and destroyed evidence
  • in 1974 Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford was his successor
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Watergate background

Nixon was a favorable President and had already one Term under his belt. Nixon had inspired the people around him to grab the advantage over his competition. The committee took it into their own hands by doing what they thought was the edge the campaign needed.

The committee thought that wire tapping the Watergate hotel would help them find out the strategy that was being used against them. The wiring did not work so they broke in the hotel to get more information and the morning of June 17th 1972 they were red handed.

This all led back to Nixon and in the end Nixon resigned