Nelson Mandela

Michelle Garcia

Nelson Mandela made a big change

In paragraph 7 and 8 both paragraphs state " Mandela continued to fight apartheid as a member of the ANC, which the government banned in 1960. In 1964, he was arrested again, this time for participation in an illegal organization and for treason. The court sentenced Mandela to life imprisonment.Mandela's struggle drew attention to apartheid in South Africa. How? As Mandela sat in prison, he became a symbol of resistance to apartheid. Leaders around the world demanded his release." This proves that everyone saw what he was doing his hard work against apartheid and other leaders saw it to and they demanded his release

He then became president of his own country and made the country more improve. In paragraph 11 "While in office, he helped create a new constitution that guaranteed rights and freedom for all. He also worked to create jobs and improve housing and healthcare."

~ Nelson Mandela was born on July 18,1918

~He died on December 5,2013

~ Mandela was expelled from school for boycotting

~He became the first black president

~ He spent 27 years in jail for being against the apartheid and being in the AMC which was abolished