Navigating the Winding Road

....of School Transformation

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Laurie O'Neill

WhoAreYouLF by Laurie O'Neill

Who Are We?

Where do you want your learners to be when they leave your campus?

How did these same learners "come" to you?

How Do We Get These Learners From "Here" to "There"?

(What campus transformations have to take place for this to be realized?)

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Laurie O'Neill

JedLF by Laurie O'Neill

Come and Listen to a Story....

  • Think
  • Communicate
  • Act
Simon Sinek - Start With Why
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  • What sources of data might you need to analyze in order to make decisions regarding the direction of change for your district/campus?

Laurie O'Neill

2001LF by Laurie O'Neill

One Small Step....

  • Our campus initiative......Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM)
  • Key Stakeholders
  • Resource Alignment


  • What level of freedom do you have in selecting a campus initiative (or setting the direction of your campus)?**
  • What flexibility do you have in educators' teaching assignments on your campus?**
  • What level of autonomy do you have with budget allocations?**

Laurie O'Neill

MirrorLF by Laurie O'Neill

Man in the Mirror...

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  • What, if any, strategic abandonment needs do you have on your campus/district?
  • If you currently have Belief Statements, how well do they represent "Who You Are" and "What You Believe?"

Laurie O'Neill

RockyLF by Laurie O'Neill

Eye of the Tiger....

  • Being proactive
  • Fighting the obstacles (personnel, stakeholder resistance, state assessment, time)
  • Celebrations


  • What resistance and/or challenges do you anticipate as you prepare to make transformational changes at your campus / district?

Laurie O'Neill

WitnessLF by Laurie O'Neill

Can I Get a Witness...

You Get What You Give....