Wednesday, April 27th

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Epic app

Julie did a great job explaining the Epic app and how she uses it on her iPads with her students. It is great as a center or as a reading tool at home. There are activities they can do after they read the story. She even said that Zack Wolf endorsed the app saying, "I don't really like reading books, but I like reading on my iPad!" You can use it for referencing a specific unit of study or for applying specific reading skills. It will also track student reading by what books they have read and how much time spent reading. It is free for teachers. Check it out in the Apple App store or by going online to

Kahoot for ALL Kiddos

You've heard that Kahoot is good for older kids to review for the Science test or Vocabulary quiz, but did you know that Kahoot is also great for younger students. Everything from practicing letter recognition to sight words to coin identification, there are numerous ready-made Kahoot games on the Public list portion of the website ( Keep kids motivated and engaged at any level. Kahoot now has a team option as well. My kids play on teams anyway to help with review and remediation. This can also be played in the computer lab on the PCs. The possibilities are endless!

Accounts are free!

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A Helpful Tip – Setup your school email on your cell phone or iPad

Amanda Colbert showed us the easy steps:

Do you want to be able to easily send and receive emails from your cell phone or iPad? While this is not for everyone, it is a convenient way to stay connected when needed.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open app store and select search.
  2. Download “Microsoft Outlook” – email and calendar by Microsoft Corporation.
  3. From the downloaded app, you can “get started.”
  4. Decide if you want to receive notifications (you can always change this later.)
  5. Enter your GWA credentials ( & select “add account.”
  6. You will be directed to our login page and there you will need to enter your GWA password.
  7. When asked to add another account. Select “maybe later.”
  8. You are done! Need help? Just ask!

This is so helpful if you have to be out - or if you can't remember the time of that meeting. You can easily check your email for the information you need.

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