Basketball Shoes

By; Gavin Humphries

Day In The Life Of…

Kevin Durant is a famous basketball player. He is really good at what he does. He probably practices all the time with his basketball team the "Oklahoma City Thunder." The more things he does wrong at practice the more he can learn from what he does. Kevin Durant is one of my personal favorite basketball players because of how hard he has worked and what he has done to get this good and to get on the "Oklahoma City Thunder." To me that is one the best teams in the NBA.

My Connection With Basketball

Basketball is my favorite sport. Also I have made the basketball team at the middle school I go to. I have been playing basketball for about 8 years. I have loved basketball for as long as I can remember. All of my heart is in basketball. Every game I play I am 110% in the game.


The first basketball shoes were made in 1917. When they first started making basketball shoes was in 1891. Basketball shoes have become a multimillion dollar companys. Materials and design construction were experimented with to provide support and flexibility in the right places and give players extra spring in their jumps. Shortly after Converse's All-Star basketball shoe hit the market, basketball star Chuck Taylor joined the company and loaned his name to the new product by the 1920s.
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