Evan Bolstad

ceramics 1

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ceramic mug

artist statement- i created this project because i wanted to make something that other people havent. when i was making this mug i had troubles with making the feet and the curv at the bottom. i solved theses isues by asking for help. mr. jenkins gave me advise to take a ruler and smack the bottom till it is rounded. to make the feet i just made one then tryed my hardest to to the same with the other. if i could change something it would be the fact that i didnt put hands and arms on the mug. this would make this figure more realistic.
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turkey wistle

i created this turkey because we were restricted to only making a bird or a fish. i started thinking about what i loved to see in nature and thought of a turkey so i made it. the problems that i came across is making a the feathers and the wings. i solved them by first just making identicale feathers to put on then for the wings i cut out one wing and put it on the slab of clay and cut around to make an identical wing. if i could change some thing it would be the fact that it was sloppy. i dont whant this because it will give me a bad grade.
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Ellen Schon



smoke-fired clay

13" x 20" x 20"

description: This object is a bowl with a wavy top that is folded down. It is the color of brown mixed with a little bit a black. This bowl is small in diameter at the bottom and dramaticaly gets bigger to the top. Ellen Schon has ,what to looks like, a very smooth texture. This bowl has a shinny coating that makes the light shine off of it.

Analysis: this object is three-dimensional and has a length and a width which makes it have "form". this peice of art has value, the white background is white with a brown and black object which brings out the colors of the object. it has value for another reason like that it has light brown with a black that brings out the light. which also might be used as emphasis. this art work has points at the top of the bowl.

interpretation: This sculpture has a deep mood. It is a dark color which usually represents sadness or depresion. The idea, i think, is about the jungle with the wood like color and the wavy top which could represent the leaves. this peice sets good emotions and interjetic emotions with the shape but a dark color that makes it sad. I dont think that this peice of art is trying to tell a story.

judgement: This art work is very successful because it seets diferent moods and has different shapes. This makes it easy to look at and you can easily tell what it is. this art work is fun to look at with all of the waves at the top and the small bottom. the color has two shades of brown, a light brown, and a dark brown. the light brown creates a happy mood and the dark brown creates a meen mood to creat a diverse pot.

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laocoon and his sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

white marble

1.84 m in height

Description: this peice of art is three men together with a snake attaking them. it is made of marble which is most of the time smooth and shiney. the snake is weaved through their legs and is very big. all of the boys are nude which goes with the date of 25bc. one mans arm is cut off.

analysis: this object uses form because of its three- dimensional shape. the color is neutral color which is white. it also uses unity because every thing lookes like its suposed to be there and it is all conected. it also uses shape to make the body parts. it also uses contrast because it has a black back ground that has a white sculpture.

interpretation: this sculpture is trying to tell a story about the ancient greek gods. it has a bad mood because it is a battle with people in pain. it is trying to make you sad and depressed because people get sad when people die. the ancient god laocoon and his sons fighting a snake could represent the pain gods go through. and the snake could represent evil.

judgement: this art work is successful because it is easy to see what is going on in it. every thing in this peice makes sense to me and that is a good quality of good art. it has been around for a long time and it is still standing so that means that it was built very well. it is also successful because it has so much details in it. all the details makes it easy to find out what the scence is. making a scene out of art makes it a good peice of art.