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What's happening in Room 6?

What's happening this week...

This week is a busy week for us! There's lots going on!! On Tuesday, we will have a bus safety presentation. This is a great program that volunteer bus drivers do for us each year. They will review important bus safety procedures with all of the first graders. We will get to take a short ride on the school bus and then we will get a coloring book! We also have our spelling test on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will have our yearly hearing test. Each child will be tested by the nurse. We will get new spelling words on Wednesday. :)

Math Assessment

Your child will bring home his/her math assessment on Monday. Please look over the assessment and review any concepts that were missed. We will continue to review and build upon the skills and concepts introduced in Unit 1.

A few things to keep in mind regarding your child's Math Assessment. There are three parts: Part A, Part B, and Open Response. Part A is the material that your child is responsible for knowing or "mastered material". Part B is material that was introduced, but not yet considered "mastered". The Open Response is an opportunity to see how your child problem solves. It is more of an open-ended question to see how your thinks through a math problem. The Open Response is not included in your child's overall grade. It is used as a measure to see what skills and concepts I can include in my daily instruction.

Fall Festival

At Sellersville, we celebrate the season with a Fall Festival. This year, it will be held on Friday, October 30th. During our Fall Festival, we dress up and parade around the school. We also have a class party after the parade. This week, I will be sending home a sign-up form if you are interested in contributing an supplies. :) More information regarding Sellersville Elementary's Fall Festival will be coming home shortly.


Please continue to record your child's reading minutes on the October reading calendar. I will be collecting your child's calendar at the end of the month. Your child's goal is to read for 15 minutes each night.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on identifying literary elements in fiction stories. Your child should be able to identify characters and setting. We are continuing to work on a story's plot (beginning, middle, and end). We are also comparing genres. This week, we read a fantasy story. We discussed how the story, The Big Blue Ox, could be fantasy and compared it to a previous story we read, Sam, Come Back! which was a realistic fiction story.