Alexander John McCubbing

Contact Details

21 Somerset Close

Rawcliffe, Clifton moor


YO30 5WG

TEL: 01904 672713


Key Skill:

Good at on-the-spot problem solving.
  • Can act and communicate quickly and decisively.
  • Can stand up for what they believe in even if others disagree.
  • Can adapt and change plans
  • Education

    York College

    BTEC Level 1 Diploma IT

    Studying Maths and English

    Canon Lee School

    GCSE Results -

    Nutrition & Health (B)

    Science Core (D)

    Tech Science (0.5 F)

    Art (E)

    English Language (E)

    English Literature (E)

    History (F)

    Maths (E)

    Product Design (E)

    Science A (D)

    ICT ()


    Sarah Sugden

    York College

    Sim Balk Lane


    YO30 2BB

    TEL: 01904 770355