Electives Monthly MashUp

March 2021


Please take a look at the great things happening in Elective classes at Neal!


We had a great 3rd quarter in AIG. The 6th graders completed a project depicting how people learn and grow as learners. 7th graders are finishing up their Passion Projects and will present them after Spring Break. The 8th graders began working on their own Passion Projects and it will be exciting to see what they learn in the process. Have a great Spring Break everyone!

Math Intervention

This month Math Intervention students are getting support with grade-level math skills including equivalent ratios in 6th Grade, and integer operations in 7th Grade and 8th Grade.

Reading Intervention

Students are finishing up a great 3rd quarter! Students continue to practice their basic reading skills with emphasis on identifying and analyzing the central idea of a text, and citing textual evidence. Students also continue to focus on building their independent readings stamina and comprehension using Durham Public School’s reading program, Reading Plus. While using Reading Plus, students have the freedom to choose their own readings from a wide variety of texts.


As we end quarter 3, students have learned so many new things! 6th graders have learned words that are useful for greeting others in Spanish, as well as some useful phrases to use at school. 7th graders have learned words for family members and the rooms of a house in Spanish. They have also learned more about writing complete sentences in Spanish by using basic verbs such as “to be” and “to have.” 8th graders have learned words for shopping in Spanish and have begun studying complex grammatical structures including indirect object pronouns and demonstrative adjectives.

En la clase de español para hablantes nativos los alumnos de 7.o han aprendido las partes del discurso (sustantivo, verbo, adjetivo) en español. También han estudiado el pasado pretérito y un poco de la historia de España. Los alumnos de 8.o terminaron de leer la novela Diario de Pedro en español y aprendieron la diferencia entre el pretérito y el imperfecto en español.

Business and Entrepreneurship

6th Graders are comparing and categorizing types of Businesses.

7th Graders are learning about the Stock Market.

8th Graders are finishing up the unit on Business Management and getting ready to start Information Technology.


CTE and Project Lead the Way

April will be a busy month for Energy and the Environment. We can begin planting in our raised bed garden in April. We will also be starting issues related to energy such as biomass, fossil fuels, oil production and dependence.

In Design and Modelling, we are studying the career of Tinker Hatfield, the Nike shoe designer who worked with Michael Jordan to design the Air Jordan shoes.

As we return to in-person learning, our projects will help us enter the project based learning phases of both classes.

To learn more about Project Lead the Way, the organization that supplies our curriculum, please visit pltw.org.


Musical Elements

In March, we focused on Vocal Health, ending with our Vocal Health PSA Poster Project. In April, we will focus on doing lots of music listening while learning about the musical elements. To help your child succeed this month, consider sharing some of your favorite musical selections with your student and listening to their chosen and assigned musical selections together.


Releve, balancé, battemént, and plié: just a few words dancers should have heard recently. All grade level dancers have been truly building their strength with a daily conditioning stretch and warm up, working on Ballet Technique at the barre (or a chair they stole from your Kitchen🙃), and finishing off with center work or short phrases.

Understanding why dancers must build strength, flexibility, and technique is important for dancers before we can get to the “fun stuff”. Ask your little dancer to show you all 5 ballet positions, and even try a few!

Big picture

Visual Arts

We just finished up a fun Unit learning how to draw figures! Our next section we begin learning about how to create space/depth within your drawings, and learning how to create 3-D spaces.