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March 13th-March 17th

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A Note from Principal Sage

BMS Families,

Thank you to all of the families who came to our Learner Showcase! We enjoyed having our families in to showcase the amazing things our leaners are doing! We have linked a video below capturing some fun photos from the evening!

As a reminder, drop in conferences will be this Tuesday from 3:30 - 7:00 pm. Teachers will be stationed throughout the school in the cafeteria and in the team pods. You can come and visit with them as needed. If you attended the learner showcase, you do not need to attend drop in conferences unless you have a specific concern you would like to connect with a teacher about. Drop in conferences typically last around 5 minutes. A more detailed schedule is below.

Tuesday, March 14 (3:30-7:00) - Drop In Conferences

3:30-5:00 pm: Conferences (drop in)

5:00-5:30 pm: Dinner Break for Teachers

5:30-7:00 pm: Conferences (drop in)

This week marks the start of a new 7 Mindsets theme! The Passion First Mindset teaches us that we are all unique expressions of human existence. It’s vital to find out what our individual strengths and talents are so that we might connect them with our goals and visions for the future. In this mindset, we work with learners to understand their unique gifts, their skills and strengths, and how to share them with the world to the maximum extent possible. Not only will they explore their interests, they will begin to identify their core values and what they stand for.

The next step is helping them learn how to make their dreams into reality, tapping into both the courage and perseverance needed to overcome any challenges they encounter in pursuit of the lives they desire.

The four critical components of the Passions First Mindset are focusing on strengths, exploring interests, taking a stand and being authentic.

This week in our staff highlight, we get to know Tom Auge! Thank you Tom for all you do!

We are looking forward to another great week at BMS!

-Joe Sage, Principal

BMS Spring Showcase


March 13.........................................Band Jubilee @ FHS - 8th Grade

March 14.........................................Student Conferences

March 21.........................................6th Grade Ensemble Band Concerts @ BMS

April 3-April 10................................NO SCHOOL

April 13............................................Band Festival @ FHS - 8th Grade

April 18............................................End of Quinmester 4

April 20............................................Jazz Band Concert @ FHS

Instructional Program Review - IPR

The Instructional Program Review (IPR) committee will meet on Tuesday, March 21st at 5:30pm at Farmington High School in the Large Lecture Hall. (Please enter Door 16 on the lower level by the flag poles). We will be discussing our Federal Title Programming. If your child is part of the Title I programs that serve our students needing additional reading instruction in the elementary, or if your child is part of our Title III programs for Multi-Lingual Learners K-12, please feel free to attend to learn more about these programs, ask questions and give additional input.

Please contact Lisa Edwards, Director of Elementary Learning, if you are unable to attend but still wish to give input. You can reach her by email at or by phone, 651-463-5016.

Missing iPad Covers

We have been noticing many learner iPads are missing the front cover. According to the iPad loan agreement if an iPad cover is not offering full protection, the district iPad Protection plan is void.

The current cost of a replacement iPad is $279.00 if the protection plan is void. If your learner’s iPad is missing the front cover, there are two options. If you still have the cover, it can be brought to the iPad office in the media Center and glued back on. If the cover is lost, it can be replaced for $35.00.

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Band Jubilee - March 13th

The BMS 8th grade band will perform in the Band Jubilee on Monday, March 13th at 7:00pm in the FHS gym. The 5th grade bands, DMS 8th grade band and the FHS Wind Ensemble will also perform. All band members should meet in the FHS large lecture hall (under the grand staircase) at 5:15. Please enter the building using Door 16 (flagpole door). Students will need to bring their instrument, music and should wear their band t-shirt, black pants and nice shoes.

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Getting to Know Our BMS Staff - Highlighting Tom Auge

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend? Spend time with my family, watch sporting events, and wash my cars

What is your favorite thing about BMS? Our staff because we treat each other like family, and want the best for our students

Something you still want to learn? To be a better cook. Currently, I make a great frozen pizza, and anything on the grill. Other than that, you may want to have a backup plan if I make dinner

If you were not a teacher, what would be your profession? Car detailer (I used to want to be a cowboy, but that didn’t really pan out for me)

What is your favorite family tradition? For the last 12 years (every other summer), we have been renting a different cabin for a week with my parents, 3 brothers, and their families (19 of us in all!). It’s a fairly new tradition, but it has become a family favorite

Favorite food? Burgers

Early Bird or Night Owl? Depends on what my schedule calls for, but overall I’m an early bird

Favorite sport to watch and why? Baseball, because I played it all my life, and continue to coach at FHS

What is the last book you read? Ballpark Mystery Series (with my son)

Important Winter Weather Reminders!

Please take a moment to review the important winter weather information below:

Now is the time to be sure you have a plan for emergency closures and your contact information is up-to-date with your child's school. As the 2022 Annual Update window has closed, please contact the school office to make changes to your information.

March - 7 Mindsets Theme: Passion First

Focus on Strengths – We all have things that we do well. When we do what we’re good at, we perform better and get better results, which benefits both us and those around us. It is critical to play to our strengths and spend our time doing what we’re best at in order to create the most value. It is also important to know that our strengths are much more than what we do well, as they also include the situations in which we thrive and the people with whom we’re at our best. Understanding all of these strengths will multiply our successes.

Explore Your Interests – We all have things we enjoy doing. When we like doing something, we do more of it, even in our free time. When we do things that energize and engage us, our focus is greater, we perform better and improve faster. Doing these things more often, with a greater degree of focus, allows us to become great at them. And when we’re great at anything, the world notices, and value to others increases, and more wonderful things flow naturally into our lives.

Take a Stand – It is very important to play to our strengths and interests whenever possible. It is equally important that what we choose to do is important to us. It must matter deeply, because there will inevitably be challenges, and this will allow us to persevere. We all have to do things we aren’t necessarily good at or enjoy, which is why we must understand our core values. We will always be strongest when we act from our values; this is when we wield our greatest power to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Be Authentic – Great dreams must start within. To do something extraordinary, a dream must leverage our strengths and interests, it must align with who we are (our core values), and it must matter greatly to us. When all this is in place, we perform at our best and are our most determined selves. The fulfillment of all great dreams involves a combination of performance and persistence.

Subbing for Farmington Area Schools

Farmington School District has some great opportunities for you! Have you ever thought about subbing as a teacher? Here is your chance to get more information about it. It is a great way to have the same schedule as your children and be involved in the schools. The links below will bring you to a website that will give you more information on how to get a license.

Also, please check out the other opportunities in the Farmington School District.

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Please take some time to visit the BMS Website where you will find an abundance of helpful information to support your middle school student. The Boeckman Buzz is an electronic publication that you will receive via email every week from our principal Mr. Sage and the Boeckman Buzz is always available on the BMS website. It is very helpful to take time to read through this publication to keep updated on upcoming events and happenings.

About us

The mission of Boeckman Middle School, a learner-centered community committed to personalization that nurtures curiosity, to ensure each learner exercises ownership for continuous personal growth to have a positive impact on themselves and their communities through:

  • Honoring uniqueness and valuing diverse experiences

  • Safe and empathetic environments that foster authentic relationships

  • Nurturing joy and well-being

  • Mistakes and reflection as essential components of learning

  • Partnering with our communities


  • Each learner continuously grows in their learning.

  • Each learner engages in reflection to guide their future decisions and actions.

  • Each learner explores a variety of ideas and experiences supporting personal growth.

Action Steps:

  • We will share and utilize research-based, culturally responsive practices to personalize learning. -

  • We will create safe and empathetic communities that optimize learning and prioritize well-being. -

  • We will develop and design reporting methods that promote ownership for learners and families while supporting a growth mindset.

  • We will create learner-centered systems that honor uniqueness and nurture curiosity.