Welcome To The Oily Life

I am so excited to be on this journey with you!!


Whether you know about essential oils or are new to them, you’ve made the right decision to change the way you look at well-being by taking control of your (your family’s) health. It's an empowering step, and I am already looking forward to hearing some of your oil testimonials!

Some join doTERRA just to get these wonderful products at a wholesale discount; others join for the opportunity to share this gift with others and get their oils for free or create a source of income for themselves (their families). It doesn't matter why you joined, what matters is that you are now part of my amazing oily community and I am thrilled to help with whatever your needs are.

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Account Information

You should have all of this info in an email from doTERRA!!

The following is to help you log into your doTERRA Virtual Office which can be accessed at the following link:


Username: (Enter your doTERRA Member ID that was emailed to you)

Password: You can change this once you log in.

Go to this site above to place orders, edit/create an optional Loyalty Rewards order, view upcoming events, find out monthly promotions, or just search for helpful info about each oil!

If for any reason you ever need doTERRA's Member Services please call: 1-800-411-8151. The customer service is Amazing!!

Introducing doTERRA

Introducing dōTERRA. Empowering You to Be Ready for Anything

Four Key Steps to Kick Off Your Journey

First thing to remember: don’t be overwhelmed with trying to learn everything at once. This is a journey, so approach it that way one step at a time. Learning these oils can be this simple! remember you have the rest of your life to learn all there is to know!

1) LET ME KNOW YOU GOT YOUR OILS SO WE CAN CHAT!!! I typically schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to assist you with fitting your oils into your daily routine so you didn't just waste your $$$. We can do this by phone, zoom, or in person.

2) EDUCATE yourself by utilizing the plethora of resources that are readily available at your fingertips (see all the great links below). We’re lucky to have so much great information available to us for FREE to help us become expert users of these oils! I have included a link to an oil camp that pretty much walks you through using your Top Ten Oils and a handy dandy ebook as well!

3) COMMUNITY! Make sure you join our team's online doTERRA community (Jonesing For Essential Education)