Membership of the Senate


- constitution says that senators must be at least 30.

- live in the United States for at least 9 years.

- must be legal residents of the state they represent.

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Term of Office

- Are held in November on even numbered years

- Senators begin their terms on January 3, after the election held in previous November.

- 6 year terms

- Only one-third of the senators would run for reelection every 2 years

- If sentor dies or resigns before the end of the term, the state legislature may authorize the governor to appoint someone to fill the vacancy until the next election.

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Salary and Benifits

- Makes 174,000 a year.

- Get to pick their own pay.

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Privileges of Members

- They are free from arrest except for treason, felony, and branch of peace.

- Cannot be sued for anything they say in House or Senate floor

- Each house may refuse to seat an elected member by majority vote.

- Each house can punish its own member for his or her behavior.

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