Behavior Therapy VS Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What is Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Both of these therapies are psychotherapy techniques that work with the here and now as oppose to just digging into the client's past.

The Goal of Behavioral Therapy

The goal of behavioral therapy is for someone to see how they should change their behavior and stay busy with reinforcing activities/thoughts. This goal helps them realize the need for change on their own. Some methods to assisting with this are:

  • Self-Monitoring - like a time management activity that the therapist can see what you're doing to be having these behaviors.
  • Behavior Modification- Reward for positive behavior. Example: Preschool kids get a golden start when they've played nicely all day.

The Goal of Cognitive Therapy

Like behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy deals with a change of behavior too. However, cognitive therapy deals more with the reason for the feelings is our way of thought. Methods such as:

  • Personalization- where you blame yourself for something that has nothing to do with you personally. Example: Your neighbor snapped at you this morning and all you did was say "hello.". You now start over analyzing why she snapped at you. Did you do something wrong? Did you hit her cat? Miss her birthday? You don't realize that she just got fired and is about to have a breakdown emotionally and financially.
  • Selective Abstraction- almost pessimist. Only focusing on the mistake or problem you made, and not seeing all the good or positive in the situation. Not looking at the "bright side" of things.

Procrastination Problems?

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with things we have to do, that we tend to procrastinate. Somehow the word "later" makes us happy. We get to put off until tomorrow, or simply later. It's called Emotion Avoidance.

Cognitive therapy can actually help you with this issue. In a sense that lesser is more, using the SMART acronym, you can learn what: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound are. To sum it up. You're get to break your giant task into mini tasks to get done so that you can help to distress the overwhelming situation.