March Community Events Calendar

March 2023 Merrimack School District Community Events

All events are from 6:30-7:30 PM

CANCELLED! Wednesday, March 8th: Parent Conversation with Heather Barker, Director of Student Services and Jessica Thompson, Certified Behavior Analyst! ZOOM - NEW DATE: 3/22/23!

Join Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Jessica Thompson, for an informative and fun night of learning. Jessica will share more about what Applied Behavior Analysis is, why it is used and how it can be successful with your child. She will delve into the 7 pivotal steps to supporting your child in their ability to self-regulate and manage their behavior in the home and will be available to answer questions you may have along the way.

Thursday, March 9th: -Make Up Session 3: Mindfulness-Based Self-Regulation for All Ages. Session 3 of 3. JMUES, Room 117. Last Minute attendees are welcome, but RSVP is encouraged. FREE CHILD CARE!

Tuesday, March 14th and 21st: DBT for YOU: Strategies for Developing Resiliency in Youth! RSVP suggested but not required! Zoom!

Join DBT for You Clinical Director, Erin Cox-Slosberg, and Fern Seiden, MSD Director of Student Wellness, to learn about the life skills that promote mental and behavioral health. It can be uncomfortable and confusing when your child expresses large emotions and you don't know how to help. At these workshops, you will learn skills that you can share with your child or teen to help them manage anger, disappointment, stress, and other difficult feelings.

Thursday, March 16th - Family Connection Circle- Session 2 of 3. Merrimack Public Library. Last minute attendees are welcome, but RSVP is encouraged. FREE CHILD CARE PROVIDED!

What Are...

Parent Conversations? These will be question and answer sessions with experts in various aspects of child development and wellness.

Family Connection Circles? We will discuss the social-emotional development of children and can explore topics of interest to you. These interactive workshops will take place at the Merrimack Public Library!