My Division Flyer

Steps:For Division

Division Steps

1. Estimate the divisor number then, make the whole number a multiple of the 2nd number

2. Draw the house

3. Put the whole number in the house

4. Put the divisor number outside the house

5. Think: which number can you get closer to

6. Multiply till you get as close as possible, make sure it doesn't go over the number your getting a number close to

7. Put the number underneath the number you were getting close to

8. Subtract

9.Bring down the next number

10.Do the same steps as 8/9 till you get 0

11. If it is a decimal you would do the same steps but it will have a decimal

12. When its a decimal you can add 0s at the end

13. When its supposed to have a remainder you don't add 0s

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Long Division Style (Gangnam Style Parody)