2015 Year in Review

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Best Marketed Companies

Fitbit: This relatively new company that sells ‘fitness-wearables’ has developed an international presence despite its strong competition. Through their ads which exemplify the capability of Fitbits, no matter the sport or its intensity, the company has grown dramatically as the bestselling fitness tracker.

Nike: As one of the most well-known companies in the world, Nike has earned the title of 'King of Endorsements.' From shoes and headbands to soccer balls and shin guards, Nike makes a variety of sporting, as well as every day, clothing and equipment. Nike has sponsorships and endorsements with the top players and teams in practically every sport around the world.

Apple: Entering 2015 with an already avid, loyal fan base, Apple has stepped up it's game. While the Apple watch may have been a miss, Apple's customers are still standing by the company. Through commercials and ads, Apple continues to dominate the technology market.

The Best and Worst Products


iPhone 6s~ The much anticipated new Apple product proved to be a hit. With a better battery, sleeker look, and 3D features, this is Apple's product of the year. This product made up for the disappointment of the pricey Apple watch.

Fitbit Charge HR~ As the best selling fitness tracker in the US in 2015, the Fitbit Charge HR accurately tracks steps, distance, calories burned, stairs and active minutes. Whether your trying to get in shape, or just curious about your daily routine, this product, priced at $150, can help you.


Hoverboards~ This motorized, self-balancing machine has no practical use. Now that it is banned almost everywhere except one's own home, hoverboards provide no purpose and are dangerous. From fires to head injuries, it's probably safest to avoid this product.

Apple Watch~ Priced at $350, this luxury product is basically just a mini iPhone for your wrist. Offering ultimately the same features as an iPhone at around the same price, the point of this product is lost on many Apple consumers and doesn't attract any new possible customers.

Top Movies

Creed: The runoff of the iconic 'Rocky' movie series, Creed is about Adonis Johnson, the son of Rocky Balboa's former rival. Adonis convinces Rocky to train him and he makes a name for himself in boxing. This movie was advertised with many commercials, especially during TV sporting events. This movie appeals to a new, younger audience with Michael B. Johnson and to older fans of the Rocky franchise with Sylvester Stallone.

Trainwreck: Written by and starring Amy Shumer, ‘Trainwreck’ is rendered one of the top comedies of 2015. While a bit crude and occasionally dark, this movie kept me laughing throughout. With a hilarious cast of Bill Hader, who plays a sports doctor, Vanessa Bayer and Lebron James, this movie marketed to both comedy and sport fans alike. After breaking out as top comedy in early 2015, 'Trainwreck' caters to Shumer's already existing fans. This movie also markets to modern women, as the main character is displayed in a way never seen before in film. 'Trainwreck' does away with all the norms and underrepresentation that come with being a women.

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Top Musical Artists

1. Adele- After a three year hiatus, Adele has jumped back into the music business with her album '25'. Surprising everyone with a mysterious 30 second commercial during X-Factor UK, Adele caused the world, and social media, to go wild. '25' has sold 5 million copies just in the United States and has broken many album sale records. Adele has many commercials advertising her album and has appeared on many TV shows to promote it.

2. Drake- After dropping 'If You're Reading This It's Too Late' and a Twitter feud with Meek Mill, Drake gained more publicity and fan support. "He puts up a mix tape, tweets clips of new songs, makes it seem like the record companies don't know about it (although they always do), and overall releases his music in a way that seems more personal to his audience." Drake makes his fans feel connected, which results in sales. With his viral music video for 'Hotline Bling', Drake has officially taken over the music industry.

Top Trending People

1. Lamar Odom
2. Caitlyn Jenner
3. Ronda Rousey
4. Donald Trump
5. Ruby Rose

New Year's Resolutions

My personal improvement resolution is to get in shape for college club field hockey.

My family and friends resolution is to spend more time with friends out of school.

My school and the outside world resolution is to procrastinate less.