Chance Lassila

Her mother was Phorcys(Lamia) and her father was Crateis (Triton). She had no children. She had an affair with Poseidon before she was turned, but does not have a spouse or children. Amphitrite, jealous of Scylla, asked Circe to to curse her. Before she was cursed, she had many brothers and sisters that were Zeus spawn. She's fifteen feet tall, and each neck is five feet long.Her partner in crime is Charybdis. If the crew of a ship hid under deck, she eats the boat. She ate six of Odysseus's crew and one of Geryon's cattle. She was killed by Hercules, but was later resurrected by Phorcys
I chose Scylla because Scylla and Charybdis are interesting, and Scylla's cooler. Scylla reminds me of a classmate, and I become similar if you anger me.
Charybdis in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters