Mrs. Dine's Kindergarten News

March 14, 2014

Smoky Row Elementary


Where else but Indiana can you be playing at recess in the 50's one day and in the 20's and snow the next? I am hoping by removing all evidence of winter from our classroom we will be done with winter weather. We definitely look spring like with our shamrock glyphs up in the classroom. The children continue to work hard and becoming closer to being first graders with only 51 school days left. Every student continues to become a better reader and writer and I am encouraging them to choose challenging books and activities. This week in writing we wrote animal reports on an animal of their choice. I read the book This is My Dog, in which the author adds more and more adjectives on each page, and we focused on using descriptive words to make our writing more interesting. We also began our writing conferences this week. Mrs. Moore and I will be meeting with the students each week to have them read their writing to us and discuss what they did well and how they could make their writing better. We give them the opportunity to decide what they would like for their goal to be to help them become a better writer. They have come up with some great ideas! It is very interesting to listen to them critique their own work. Have a great weekend! Spring is just around the corner!


Language Arts/Science- The Solar System

Last week we continued our Language Arts theme, The Mighty Sun. We learned about headings as we read our big book, My Favorite Star. Each student painted a planet and then wrote facts about their planet. They look great on display in our classroom! One of our favorite activities was to go on a field trip to the Carmel High School Planetarium. Before we went we practiced writing questions making sure that all of our questions ended with a question mark. We then took our list of questions to Mr. Turner at the planetarium. Some of our questions were: how did Saturn get the most rings? Why is Mars covered with red dust? Which dipper has the North Star? How many stars are there? We also used padlet to type in space facts we have learned. Check out our page below.

Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) was born 110 years ago! Thanks to those people who brought in Dr. Seuss books to share. We read Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, There's a Wocket in My Pocket, Hop on Pop, and The Tooth Book. Each student then selected their favorite Dr. Seuss book and wrote about why they liked it. We then created a class graph to see which was the most popular in our class. There's a Wocket in My Pocket was our class favorite. On Friday we also made Dr. Seuss cats to put up with our Dr. Seuss writing on our bulletin board. We made sugar cookies and then turned them into the cat hats by staking bananas and strawberries and eating them. Yummy! On her day to volunteer in our classroom Mrs. White read Huevos Verdes con Jamon (Green Eggs and Ham) to us in Spanish! It was lots of fun and some children recognized a couple of Spanish words they knew.

The Lion's Dinner

One of our reading groups read a play entitled The Lion's Dinner. Our actresses did a great job speaking clearly and with expression as their character!

Language Arts/Social Studies

This week we began Theme 13, Many Friends. There are lots of great books about friends and some of our favorites have been Enemy Pie, Chester's Way, and Horace, Morris, and Mostly Delores. One thing these books have in common is that they are humorous fiction along with our big book, My House is Your House. Ask your child to tell you which is there favorite. This theme also provides a great opportunity to explore various cultures. This is the Way We Eat Our Lunch and How My Parents Learned to Eat have both provided discussion about a variety of foods we like, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican are some of our favorites. The sight words we have worked with this week are play, not, they, & she. We have spelled several words in the -ay and -ot word family with clay, with a friend and on the carpet or felt squares. Our vocabulary words this week were proud, culture, and treat. If any of you are interested in sharing your culture with our class give me a call! We would love to have you!

Bring Potatoes Please!

Next week we will be doing some math activities using potatoes and will also use them to make a fun snack. Please send in any kind of potato with your child on Monday. Thank you!