All About Me

By: Stephanie Delapena

The beautiful game!

Soccer is my favorite sport in the entire world. My favorite soccer teams are F.C Barcelona, Chelsea F.C, Manchester City F.C and Liverpool F.C. I've played it since i was 6 and i still play it. Some of my favorite soccer player are Lionel Messi, Neymar, Mesut Ozil and etc. It's a sport that i can watch and play millions of time and I'll never get tire of it.

Music is life :)

Good-bye Usa, Hello Brazil

Next year i am going to Brazil to see the 2014 Fifa world cup. I was able to get tickets to see the finals in Rio De Janeiro. I am going to Rio with my uncles and cousins. I am very excited because i love soccer and this will be a trip of a life time!


Shoes are my favorite accessory. I can wear any type of shoes. I could wear heels,converse, and much more. I always wear Chuck Taylor because they are my favorite shoes to wear. I also love to wear Adidas, because i love their indoor soccer shoes.

I love dogs!

I have a huge love for dog. I think that they are adorable. My favorite breed is a Yorkie Terrie. They are very,very small dogs, but I love them. If I could I'd have about 10 dogs. Dog are like a stuffed animal to me.

Horror movies

Horror movies are my favorite types of movie to watch. My favorite movie is Insidious 2. It's a bit scary not that much. I love watching horror movies at the movie theaters with my friends. Some time they scare me or crack me up.

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