Tree kangaroo Survival

By: Houston Montgomery


Common Name- Tree Kangaroo

Scientific Name- Dendrolagus

Tree kangaroos are unique macropods who have adapted to a life in trees. Loss of habitat and uncontrolled hunting have forced many species close to extinction.

Description of Habitat

Tree kangaroos live in mountainous cloud forests at elevations of up to 11,000 feet. They spend most of their time in trees. They like to live in the tops of trees where most predators can not find them. A large number of tree kangaroo have become nocturnal because of humans building roads in the forests where they live.


Matschie's tree kangaroos can leap 60 feet to the ground from trees without getting hurt.

They can weight up too 22 pounds. There feet and hands have razor sharp claws for making climbing much easier much like squirrels.


The main reason the tree kangaroo is endangered is because of deforestation. More and more forests where the kangaroo live are being cut and cleared for buildings. There are many associations that are trying to help save the tree kangaroo and there habitat.