DON-ED Music Services

here to serve you musically

For Small & Big Events:

M.C. - Well Experienced Host from Parties to Staged Events

DJ - Seasoned Disc Jockey's that have done over COUNTLESS Events

Music - Big Library with Different Genres of Music

Karaoke - Big Collection of Popular Hits from the 1950's - Present

Lighting - Lasers, LED, Intelligent Lighting, Scenery and etc.

Stage Effects - Projector, Visual, Fog, Snow & Bubble Effects and etc.

Live Music - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Drummer, Percussions

Photography - Coming Soon...

Filmography - Coming Soon...

Mobile Bar - Coming Soon...

Yep, We're Affordable!

For Music Lovers:

Music Production - to turn your "Raw" songs to Studio Professional Quality

DJ Mixing - to Enhance and Modernize your songs to your liking

Music Lessons - Vocal, Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion

We offer Online Lessons via (Email, Skype and etc.)

Yep. there's more!!!

For Music Rentals:

Yes, we understand that music equipment can get pretty expensive. Your party, event, wedding is right around the corner and you don't know if you have the budget to purchase music equipment. Sooooooooooooooo...That's why we're here to provide affordable music equipment rentals for your upcoming event.

What we have:

- Passive Speakers

- Active Speakers

- Powered Speakers

- Subwoofers

- Speaker Stands

- Keyboards

- Keyboard Stands

- Guitars

- Instrument Cables

- Speaker Cables

- XLR Cables

- Microphones

- Mic Stands

- Power Strips

- Lights

- Scenery Lights

- Stage Effects

- Visual Effects

Yep, We've been doing this a lot...

To Inquire:

Adonis Advincula @ 650-339-9230

Natalia Centeno-Inga @ 650-771-4805

Shaylona Wheeler @ 650-921-3935

or email