Left behind1 The Vanishings

by Bridger Wilson

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First there is Judd an 18 year old who lies about being a christen from that you can guess his stereotype. Later Judd really starts to change, he wishes he obeyed his parents and everything .He really was stubborn, in the book he just wants to be own his own he says. Next there is Vicky, Vicky is 15 years old and smokes and drinks a lot, and so did her parents until a guy from a church helped them. Vicky hated God she hated him for everything like making her live in a trailer park.in the book she tells how God messed up her life. One other important character is Ryan who has never heard of God. He is an 12 year old athletic boy ,who when he learns about god just denies him.


The setting is in a pretty small town, the setting probably wouldn't have worked in a big city because the kids Judd, Vicky, Ryan, and Lionel would not have met in the small church that is in the town. After the vanishings the town is pretty much destroyed because people driving planes , cars e.c.t disappeared and no one was driving those planes or cars so they just crashed. This town is present day in America.

Conflict and plot

The conflict is that Christians all over the world disappear all over the world and what ever they where doing if they were driving something a car thE car keep driving because the driver dissperd . So the conflict is man vs man and man vs self and man vs nature. man vs man first because crime starts to beak out and lot of fighting so man fights man. Next man vs self because the kids had to learn to accept Christ within themselves. Man vs nature because they have to live in the town after fires and crashes and earth quakes so you have to live through fires and earthquakes.


The Bible is one object greater. They use it a lot for lesson and the book says they always now read the Bible before bed. Bruce Barnes the hope village preacher tells them the importance of the bible and that it represented gods past and the past and the truth. the Bible represent a way to Christ.


I recommend this book to everyone it is a great book. If you are a Christian I recommend this book even more. It tell s how the world goes into terror after the vanishings. This book is a action mystery and drama book, if you love those you will love this book. There is a 40 book series so if you like it you have a lot of reading to do. I recommend this book