Bravery against the Taliban

In Pakistan a young girl challenges the Taliban

The Story of Malala

A young girl in Pakistan is showing us the true meaning of bravery and being a extraordinary example of sticking up for your beliefs no matter what the consequences. On October 9th, 2012 when walking home from school Malala was shot by a Taliban gunmen. Malala fought for women's education and equality, "I was a girl in a land where rifles are fired in celebration of a son, while daughters are hidden away behind a curtain, their role in life is to simply prepare food and give birth to children".

More about Malala

Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban and had a very dangerous and risky procedure that saved her life. She was courageous enough to not let the Taliban take her away her rights as a women and believed she had to be brave to get what she wanted and needed. " If one man can destroy the world, why can't one women change it"? - Malala yousafi; I am Malala.