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1st Grade - Contribution

First graders observe and hear more than we know. At Circle Up, I asked the question, do you know of a time when people really needed help?" The immediate response was "the flood"! From that launching point, we brainstormed around our theme, which is contribution. Students could readily tell me how others were helping, such as soccer community, churches, Girl Scouts, and others. We discussed who our Helpers are at OCT and who they were in our community. One child even brought up the point that there is a difference between a need and a want. I then shared the photo below of Creech Elementary School near Houston that our school will be helping in the near future. Your little ones are making big connections!

2nd Grade - Systems

2nd Graders learned discovered what a plant, a skeleton, planets, and a computer/hardware have in common. They are all systems. Students also participated in a Sequence Challenge that brought home the idea of a system where people work together to accomplish a goal.

3rd Grade - Power

Third Grade students participated in a Challenge called, "Get to Know You Tennis Ball." They had two rules to follow, and ask your child what those were. Then with each attempt, we problem-solved and found ways to improve our team time of 2.5 minutes to just 8 seconds. Ask your child how we did that.
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4th Grade - Exploration

Your 4th Grade students will be EXPLORING their individual roles within a group challenge they just completed. Roles looked at are Leader, Innovator, Problem Solver, Communicator, Observer, Mediator, Encourager, Follower, Critic, Distractor.

Students will determine their own person role base on evidence.

5th Grade - Change

The theme for 5th Grade is CHANGE, and through the silent challenge, they are being forced to look at the potential in the shapes to make perfect squares, as well as to intentionnaly pay attention to teammates in order to be successful. One reflection question asks them who nudged them in the right direction and how they did it. Students are going to focus on the realization that they can make change in the world around them.

Social/Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners

In each newsletter, there will be an article addressing the social/emotional needs of GT students. This week the article is on asynchronous development. This may help in understanding your own child, or it might help in understanding your child's friends. Please click on the pink title below to get to the article.
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Supporting and Advocating for Gifted Education

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