Sweden (1995)

By: Shelby Reid

General Facts

The Capital of Sweden is Stockholm. The population is 9,723,809. The bordering countries are Finland and Norway. The highest elevation is Kebnekaise. The natural resources are wheat and barley. The main products of Sweden are iron and steel. It was brought into the European Union in 1995. It never went in to war for 2 centuries. It had high unemployment in 2000-2.

Most Interesting Place

The most interesting place to visit in Sweden is Stockholm. It is the capital of Sweden. It meets the water. It has very beautiful features. It is very modern. It has so much culture. It is where the government makes descisions. It has the highest population in the country of Sweden.

Why to Come to Sweden.

Sweden is a very beautiful country. It is very modern in technology and housing. They keep the country calm. You can go to a beautiful beach on a hot day. It is very clean in Sweden. I hope that you can come to Sweden some time.


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