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Von Gradwitz & Znaeym case!

Two men found dead in the woods late last night. We cant give any names right not but when we get enough information on these men we will update you right now all we know is that these to men have been fighting for quite a while about the land! The two men were found under a tree traped under the branches bleeding severely but half there bodies were gone, they are saying its not a murder case but a animal like figure got ahold of them and killed them! Tom back to you!

Found the men!

Tom we have not got the names of the victoms and there friends who were with them when it happened. Von gradwitz 47 and Znaeym 45! The men were looking for each other and there friends say they heard somthing fall and they ran to get help! But it was to late the friends say they were died when they got back and a pack of wolves ran after they got there! that what they think happened to the men how they died! Researchs say that a wolf attack rarely ever happens anymore! unless they can find prey stugling if you see a wolf please call 411 and stay out of danger! We will have the mens funeral anagments on are web page!! This is all we have for right now the Channel 9 news would like to send prayers and condulenise to the mens familys! This is Chevy Floyd reporting for Channel 9 news Good Night!