The inflation of the brain

Do you know someone with this condition or disease.

I selected this topic because I had a less serious bacterial meningitis. and I had to be in the ER for 3 ½ hours and got a 3 inch needle in my spine.

Body system or systems

One of the systems affected by this disease is the brain or also known as the nervous system. It is starts when the fluid surrounding the spinal cord and brain is infected, which causes the brain to swell and causes serious damage to your hearing and the way you learn.

how the body system is working normally then how the body is affected by meningitis.

The nervous system controls the brain and the spinal cord. The brain controls your sensory, movement, behavior, memory, language and how you understand things. The spinal cord makes it so you can move.

When someone has meningitis, it makes all of the neurons and mengins swell up around the brain and spinal cord. The neurons can’t do what they are suppose to.

Target population, Gender, Age, Ethnicity

The target population is any age male of female. When you are a young teen you are at a greater risk. Certain medicine that affect the immune system making you have a higher risk of meningitis. The chances of getting meningitis is really low.

Onset-How does this condition arise? Accident, genetic issue, environmental issue, etc

You get this when you are in contact with someone who has Meningitis. The way people get it is from saliva, mucus or feces. Meningitis is caused by a viruses or bacteria.

How is this condition diagnosed? How do doctor's determine that an individual has meningitis

Meningitis can form in as little as 2 days. Doctors do a spinal tap and a brain scan to see if you have Meningitis. These can show if you have Streptococcus pneumonia and Neisseria meningitides in your body.

Signs and Symptoms

Nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or confusion. People get a fever stiff neck, severe headache, are very tired, have the chills and sometimes will have a purplish rash.

Treatment for this disease/condition

It is treated by antibiotics and rest. You have to stay in the hospital. until the disease is gone.

What is the death rate of this disease or life expectancy for someone with this condition?

The risk of dying is less than 15% of people who get Meningitis.

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