EM Waves: Gamma

By: Katie Kelly

What is a gamma ray?

  1. It is a penetrating electromagnetic radiation of a kind arising from the radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus.


1. Cancer treatment- kills good and bad cells, but if controlled properly, it can be useful

2. GRS (Gamma-Ray Spectrometer)- measure gamma-rays given off by an atom's nucleus and helps determine the elements on other planets

3. Stars- give off gamma-rays, and Supernovae emit gamma-rays also

4. Nuclear bombs- produce gamma-rays


Video: Gamma-Rays Described

In this video, gamma-rays are explained in depth. It includes what they are, how they work, and their effects on the earth. (video below)

Wavelength and Frequency Range

The frequency range: 10 to the 20th - 10 to the 24th Hz

The wavelength is: <10 to the negative 12th m

New Technology


The Hybrid Polymer Gamma-Ray Shielding Material: Considering gamma-rays can pass through almost anything, this material has recently been invented to stop them. It can prevent up to 99% of gamma-rays from passing through.

Materials: This invention is made of a polymer compound (a chemical compound that is made of small molecules that are arranged in a simple repeating structure to form a larger molecule) that is 13 centimeters thick.

Impact: This technology has not been released yet, but it will impact our lives greatly by shielding harmful gamma-rays that we would have otherwise not have been protected from. For example, people who are in the areas where gamma radiation is used or create will be protected by this material.

Date Discovered: (no specified date) first tested on September 8, 2008

Person(s) Involved: Miss Sukran CAN (inventor of material)

Article for Gamma Radiation Shield

In this article the Gamma Radiation Protection Shield is described, its composer, and its use. Also,it includes background information on gamma-rays to give you a better understanding of how the material works. (article below)

Model of Shield

Big image

Basic Diagram of How it Should Work

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