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If you are seeking a civil case, you must first hire a lawyer here to file a complaint, which is a formal statement naming the plaintiff (you) and the defendant (who your opponent is) and describes the lawsuit. Here at Mice Law Firms, we make it our policy to have only the best of the best here.

Beginning Stages

Once a complaint has been filed, the court then sends a summons. This is a document telling the defendant of the suit against them and orders them to appear in court at a certain day and time. They may respond by having their own attorney "answer" to the complaint.

The pleadings are the answer and complaint together in which lawyers on both sides gather evidence to aid their case. For this, preponderance of evidence may be gathered, which is based on the more convincing evidence and its accuracy.


After this, a pre-trial discussion will occur. The judge would have both parties together in a meeting to help clarify differences and prepare for the trial. Mediation might occur in which a third party would try to help both the plaintiff and defendant to reach an agreement. If your case is particularly strong, they may offer you a settlement.

The Last Parts

If both sides do not settle, a trial will be held in which either a jury or a judge hears the case alone. The plaintiff presents their side first, then the defendant. Both sides summarize their cases, and after all this, the judge or jury decides the case with a verdict. An arbitration may occur in which a third party listens to both the plaintiff and defendant , reviews that case, and makes a final decision that is binding for both parties. If you feel that something did not go right, you may make an appeal to a higher court.
This would be what to expect if you plan to pursue a civil case. At Mice Law Firms, we can ensure you get the best you deserve because this is where battles are won.