East Middle School

Moving into 6th grade

Going from class to class.

When transitioning from classes you will have 4 minutes of passing time.After that you will be counted tardy, or late. If you have a pass and you are late you will not be counted late.

East is the BEAST!!!

At East Middle School, we have many clubs such as: Guitar club, Art club, and Archery club.

To join clubs you have to talk to the person in charge of the club.

A/B Days?!?

New students will say,"A and B days? Have you lost your minds!?!" Trust me... actually don't, you know what I mean? Anyway, let me pursue, or continue. A and B days consist of, or contain, 6 different classes except for math. Unlike elementary schools, in 6th grade you transition, or switch, from class to class all day. You never have the same class twice in one day.

Some places in our school.

Learning stairs.

These giant steps are where all grades have meetings and where (before school starts) students hang out and chat.But be carefull. Students have fallen off of them many times.Even if you don't get hurt, you are still putting the other students in danger!
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