Science Times

By: Mr. Kottkey (Issue #13)


If you happen to see a Science text book around the house, please return them to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

Last week In Science we explored Newton's 3rd law. The students worked individually or in teams to demonstrate Newton's 3rd law. There were some pretty creative and unusual demonstrations. We had some hip checks, chest bumps, jello, scooters, trampolines, exploding water bottles, and many types of ball experiments showcased in the class. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction!

We ended the week with a quiz and started our Newton's law flip book (summative) due Tuesday 6/5 . The students are demonstrating their learning of all three laws in words and pictures. Then we are going to prepare for our last test (summative) Thursday 6/7. The students will be able to use a 3*5 card on the test.

How to study:

1. Teach someone else the concepts

2. Go through the text book paragraph by paragraph with sticky notes

3. Look at the questions in the text book (at the end of each section and chapter)

Pg. 89-91, Pg.119-121

4. Repetition of your Cornell notes

5. Watch the instructional videos again and look for something new

6. Explore more videos that pertain to the concepts

7. Make a practice test for study-buddy

8. Flash Cards

9. Create Mnemonic devices

10. Ask questions!

Student of the Week

Sara has consistently been an awesome science student. She comes to class each day with a positive attitude and she is eager to dive into the material we are learning. However, the reason she stood out this week was that she is now actively looking beyond what is expected and noticing what needs to be done...and then taking the INITIATIVE to get it done without being asked! I started to notice this when she began to organize the materials box on her table for her classmates. No one told her to do so, but she noticed it needed to be taken care of and she stepped up to the task. It's great to see that kind of leadership - not so much because she organized the materials - but the fact that she took the initiatve to do so. This quality is key in helping all student succeed in life! She helps her table group in other ways as well, and she can work well with others. Thanks, Sara, for working hard and setting a great example for others!

Week at a Glance 6/1-6/5 (Subject to change and probably will...Check website for changes)



  • Planner/ warm-up
  • Hand back Newton's 3rd law quiz
  • Continue Newton's law book INB pg 126 (summative) Due Tuesday
  • Start Test Review


Finish newton 3rd law flip book (summative) Due Tuesday



  • Planner/ warm-up
  • Hand in Newton's flip book
  • Newton's law short film
  • Continue Test Review


  • Missing/make–up work is always homework!

  • STUDY!!



  • Planner/ warm-up

  • ContinueTest Review


  • STUDY!!


  • Test! !(Summative)


  • No Homework


  • Finish test
  • Start Final Project?? (Details coming soon!)


  • No Homework

Quiz Your KID!!

  • Go through the INB and talk about the work they have completed INB pages 104-123. Have your child teach you the definitions, equations, and show you how to solve problems related to:
    • Motion
    • Speed (constant, instantaneous, average)
    • Speed equation
    • Velocity
    • Acceleration
    • Force
    • Balanced force
    • Unbalanced force
    • Net force
    • Vectors
    • Net force
    • The force equation
    • Inertia
    • contact force
    • non contact force
    • Newtons
    • Newton's first law with examples
    • Newton's second law with examples
    • Newton's third law with examples
    • Momentum