Tech Tips Tuesday

Online Assessments

Google Forms: Flubaroo

If you're a big fan of using google forms Flubaroo is the answer for you. It allows you to grade forms in multiple choice format almost instantaneously. A newer function even allows you to grade short answer responses and assign grades to them.

Link to Add-On:

Help Page:

Struggling with New forms (Emily made this a while back):


Most of have used Kahoot in our classroom. The kids really love it and they have added some new features. Also don't forget you can export your results and have them as a quiz score.


When you go to make a kahoot search the library to see what is already made, you can copy any Kahoot that is public and edit it to your needs (this could be a big time saver)

ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN! The internet sometimes does not play nice with this website and it will blow up in your face.

Ghost Mode is a new feature that allows you to replay the game but it keeps the kids that played the game last time so the kids can see how they did compared to the last time they played. This is a cool concept for those concepts that just need repetitive practice.

To make:

Student to play:

Go Formative

This is a cool website that allows you to create an assignment online, or transform a worksheet you already have into an online assignment. It allows you to give live time feed of real assignments. If you are looking for a way to get more technology into your classroom and give immediate feedback but really the concept you are doing just requires some practice, try this out.

I'm trying it out tomorrow! Wish Me Luck! If anyone out there is using it all suggestions welcomed!

Extension: Gismeteo (Weather)

With getting into the weather months thought an extension that gives you some weather information might be useful. Please right click on this and update to Fahrenheit and correct my location. Mine default set as Bettendorf.