travel to spain


Spain is located in the Iberian Peninsula and borders with France and Portugal.

It is almost twice as big Italy.

At the center of Spain is a large plateau called the Meseta; around the

Meseta there are many mountain ranges.

In Spain the rivers are poor water in summer and water rich in winter; it is said

who have an irregular water flow.

The climate is of three types:

1) on the north coast the climate is oceanic; the winds that come from the ocean

Atlantic bring rain and the temperature is mild;

2) in the Meseta, the climate is continental; summers are hot and winters are cold;

3) on the southern coast the climate is Mediterranean; warm and with little rain in

summer and with mild temperatures during the winter

The capital of Spain is Madrid,

which is located at the center of

Meseta. It is the capital since 1561; first it was

a small town surrounded by

fields where they raised sheep.

King Philip II chose Madrid

as capital because it was the

the center of the country. Since that moment

the city has become increasingly

largest and most important; I'm

the streets and the buildings were built

Most interesting, such as the Palace

Royal, the Royal Academy of

Fine Arts and the Prado museum.

One of the most famous shows in Spain is bullfighting

The word corrida means race.

It's a show where you face

men and bulls. Is one

very old spectacle that no

It takes place only in Spain, but here

It ends with the death of the bull or

(Rarely) of the bullfighter.

Bullfights are held in places

Special called "plaza de toros"

where cie place for thousands