Sister Juana

Daughter of the Church, Mother of Knowledge

Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz

Born in Mexico City and raised in a religious lifestyle. Starting young she taught her self to read and write in Latin, wrote many poems and taught others younger than her. She craved a knowledge that she could not receive because she was a female. She begged her mother to disguise herself as a boy so that she could enter a university but, her mother would not allow that and she continue her studies privately. She later entered the monastery so that she could continue to learn and write as she pleased.

Life in the Monastery

She collected many books, studied and wrote like she wanted to do. She had many instruments that she referred to as her children: "my telescope, my sundial, my obsidian mirror, my astrolabe, my quills, my writings... these are my children." She thought that every woman deserved the right to an education, such as the one she provided to herself, just like they "deserved" to have children with a man. In her poem "Foolish Men" she expresses how she feels men accuse women of being the cause of their misfortunes when, in reality, it is the men that are the cause.

Witty Woman & "Foolish Men"