Washington medical marijuana card


Why Medical Marijuana Could Be The Answer to a Myriad of Problems

Lets take a look at how the incredible number of problems that can be solved by Medical Marijuana easily outweigh whatever perceived risks are associated with passing a law.

A decade ago, a Washington medical marijuana card would have been considered bizarre or even ludicrous. However, as the myths and rumors surrounding marijuana begin to proven false, public opinion across the nation is changing on this drug.

Lets get to the point. Some of the three biggest problems facing the United States are the mass incarceration of African Americans over low level drug arrests, the abysmal conditions of individuals prior to death, and the struggling local economies that do not have enough money to support basic services. What do all three of these have in common? They can all be directly addressed through the legalization of medical marijuana and even small amounts of recreational marijuana in the United States. Lets discuss why.

Provide Life Changing Help To Those Who Need It

If every person facing a painful terminal illness, constant debilitating nausea caused by cancer treatment, and countless other horrific conditions had a Washington medical marijuana card, then the quality of life among all these groups and more would be greatly improved. Medical marijuana has a proven ability to reduce pain and increase appetite. While you may want to argue against medical marijuana on any ground, remember that as you read this, real people are suffering. Real people are dying painful deaths that could be made easier and more humane through using medical marijuana.

Decriminalize A Worthless Law

Considered the new Jim Crow, drug law has been shown to unfairly target the African American community. By allowing for medical marijuana and even allowing small amount of marijuana to be on people, we end up sending a lot less people to jail. In addition, we remove the stigma and content faced by ex-offenders who will experience difficulty getting a job for the rest of their lives.

Provide Financial Support to Struggling Local Economies

Local economies are struggling. With less money provided by state, who in turn are struggling, legalizing medical marijuana usage means opening the flood gates for taxable sales. Those states that have legalized medical marijuana have seen a surplus of funds created through the sales.