About Me

By: Noor Warraich

A Description About Me

Hi my name is Noor Warraich. I am a grade 10 student at Louise Arbour Secondary School and I am 15 years old. I was born on August 31, 2000 in Mississauga. My family consists of four people; my mom, my brother, my grandma and myself.

I have many different interests and hobbies, but my most favorite ones are reading, swimming, travelling and hiking. I prefer to read romantic, adventurous and fantasy novels. My family and I have traveled to Cuba, Mexico, Edmonton, New York and Philadelphia.

Favorite Things

My Leadership Style

My leadership style is the Pace-Setter and the Democratic.

The pace-setting leaders expect excellence and good self-direction. Whatever they say, they expect it to be done right then. This type of leadership only works with a well-motivated team. This is very true about me. When I say something, I expect it to be done immediately. I like to have a motivated team because it gets things done.

Democratic leaders build harmony through participation in a group or team. They constantly ask questions to others about their ideas and perspectives to bring unity in the group. They have a very strong set of communication skills and leadership skills. This is also somewhat true about me. I do have strong communication and leadership skills, but sometimes I become shy and do not use my leadership skills. I enjoy asking other people questions because it helps people become more involved in the group and that is what makes a team successful.

My Influences (my friends)

My role models

my aunt - navdeep gill

This is my aunt. She is such an inspiring women. My aunt, Navdeep Gill, has been through so much. One of the reason she is my role model is because when her brother, my uncle, passed away tragically she didn't sit and mop around. It was very hard for everyone in my family. I personally was not able to function after many months because of my loss. We lost the biggest part of our family. He was an amazing person. She always wanted to carry on his legacy and so she started a charity called Mandeep Singh Cheema Charitable Trust. This charity does everything that my uncle truly believed in. He believed in helping others and making sure children are always happy. This charity helps children with single or no parents financially and emotionally. It also helps single parents that have lost their partner to move on in life. We provide them with financial and emotional help. This charity not only for people in need, it was also for our family. We needed something that would help us move on and continue our lives. She is such a lively person even though she has been through so much. I adore her very much!

My Mom - Kuljeet Gill

This is my beautiful mom, Kuljeet Gill. She is the world's best mother. She has supported me in every decision I have ever made. She has always protected my brother and I from all the harm in the world. I have no words to tell her how much I love her. I can't thank her enough for what she has done to make sure my brother I are always happy. I see her everyday and I see how much effort she puts in to make sure our family is safe and happy. She is a very hard-working lady and I can't put in words how much I appreciate her. Whatever I am today, is because of her. She has made sure I have everything I wish for in life. She always puts my brother and I before herself. My mom is amazing and I can't express how much I love her.

my future

my family symbols

quiz results

My BluePrint Results

Learning Style - Visual-Kinesthetic Learner

Personality - Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging

Interests - The Counsellor

Knowledge - Physical Education

Motivations - Achievement

Compatibility - Is It Right For Me?

Multiple Intelligences

BGFL - Naturalistic and Interpersonal

Job Bank

Interpersonal, Logical/Mathematical, Visual/Spatial

True Colours

Gold and Green

Meyer-Briggs Personality Test

Mediator (INFP-T)

John Holland Career Clusters


Right or Left Brain

Right - 42%

Left - 60%


I think the MyBluePrint tests and quizzes were most helpful and accurate for me because the results I received were all very accurate. This test helped me determine what I wanted to do in the future. I always knew I wanted to have a career in the medical field but I never knew specifically what I wanted to do. MyBluePrint gave me a bunch of options, but the one job that caught my eye was OB-GYN doctor. I had never thought about pursuing a careers with pregnancies and infant babies, but this job interests me very much.

My four strengths would be organization, understanding, compassionate and easy-going. I love to be organized because I believe without being organized you can't really get anything done. I am understanding and compassionate because I can put myself in other's position and understand how I can help them and I enjoy helping people very much. I am very easy-going. If their is a change in my plans, I don't really mind and I think this is a very important quality to have because change is apart of life and if you can't adapt to it, you can't move forward in life.

My four weaknesses are discomfort, forgetfulness, unforgiving and narrow-minded. I can get uncomfortable very easily. I always need my personal space very tidy and that can get very annoying at times. It gets hard for me to focus when my space is messy. I also am very forgetful. I forgetful deadlines very easily. That is why I write down all my due dates and deadlines on a calendar. If you do something very wrong to me that hurts me deeply, I sometimes can get very unforgiving. It is very hard for me to accept your apology, but even if I do I never forget it. Lastly I am very narrow-minded. I am not creative at all and it is very hard for me to think outside the box. I often have problems thinking of new and creative ideas.